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Current Plans for Developing a DreamStar Counseling Team

I am currently planning to create a small team of highly skilled, like-minded licensed therapists who can help DreamStar serve a larger population and provide a broader array of services. I cannot accept everyone who wishes to receiving counseling service, and it's often difficult to know who to refer people to. While I work closely with students and LPC-Associates in my teaching and supervision work, I don't work closely with enough therapists to refer knowledgeably to them, nor to maintain the level of contact that would enable us to work together with couples and families.

Like every therapist in private practice, I have adjusted to the pandemic crisis by seeing all of my clients through Zoom for the past year. And it has worked surprisingly well! While I am starting to see vaccinated clients in my home office again, I believe that telehealth will be the preferred delivery approach of the future.

Thus, Julie (Office Manager and Billing Specialist) and I have decided to open my practice to a few licensed associates who are interested in joining us in providing telehealth services.

Becoming a part of DreamStar will include:

  • Referral support
  • Collaborative work (working with couples and families)
  • Billing services through our office
  • Credentialing help with insurance companies
  • A professional web page on our site
  • A website of your own modeled on this one (optional)
  • Staffing and training meetings once a month
  • An attractive cost

If you are interested in applying, please contact our office at

Dr. Scott Sparrow