Supporting Your Courage to Heal and to Grow

For your safety, we are taking proactive measures to conform with best practices recommended by health experts…

Video Sessions: For now, we are doing videoconferencing exclusively; that is, until it’s clearly safe to resume office visits. We use the HIPAA-compliant Zoom videoconferencing system. All you have to do is to let us know beforehand via text through Visibook, then click on this link at the time of your meeting:

This is the unique link associated with Dr. Sparrow’s Zoom account that we will always use. You can save the link for future sessions, but we will be sending it to you before every appointment, too.

Please wait to click on the link at the appointed time. Otherwise, Dr. Sparrow may put you on hold if he is finishing up with another client.

You can go to and download the software for your device. But ultimately, you do not need to download any software beforehand. Zoom will do it all for you. After you click on the link, there will be a brief delay while the software is installed, and then the video window will open on your device. You can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. It’s best to be in a quiet, private space, and to keep your device propped on a stable surface.

Office Appointments: We have resumed office appointments; however, Dr. Sparrow will be counseling via Zoom from his vacation home in the Catskills during the summer (Until mid-August). Please inquire if you are interested in having an office appointment upon our return.

Prepayment Option: We have created PayPal prepayment links on our Fees and Payments page for clients using our Zoom video option. We prefer if you prepay for your appointment, even if you intend to have an in-office appointment, because it saves valuable counseling time. Please note: If you do not see the exact amount for your copay or cash fee, you may pay by combining two or more copayment amounts (e. g. $40 + $50 = $90). Or you may call us at 309-3730 to provide your credit card number.