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Welcome to the Participants Home Page
for the study

“Testing an Integrated Lucid Dream Induction Protocol for the Possible Treatment of Nightmares and
Other PTSD-Related Symptoms: Combining the Ingestion of the Supplement Galantamine with the Practice of Meditation and Dream Reliving”

Contact Dr. Sparrow if you have any questions at any time.


Thank you for consenting to participate in our dream research study!

Thus far, you have completed your
Informed Consent Form, and we have sent you a participant ID# via email. This page will serve as a home base for you and your fellow research participants. Please bookmark this page for future reference.

Step One: Since you have received your Participant ID# via email, please complete the following questionnaires,
using only your ID# as an identifier. You will complete the same instruments again, once you finish the research study.

We realize that some of you do not experience frequent nightmares, and that the following surveys may seem in appropriate. But your responses to these assessments will provide important comparisons, regardless of your current frequency of distressing dreams.

Step Two: Begin the Study. You have been sent a Research Packet with instructions for how to proceed.

On any night when you are asked to do the meditation/dream reliving exercise, please open the following audio link by Dr. Mark Thurston, and follow along as he guides you through the 20-minute exercise.

Dr. Thurston’s Guided Meditation
and Dream Reliving Exercise

As per your Research Packet instructions, please use the online dream recording questionnaire on each morning of the eight days.

Daily Dream Recording Survey


Stop: Please complete all of the tasks in your Research Packet instructions before proceeding

Step Three: Post-Study Assessments

  • Please complete the same assessments again as soon as possible upon the completion of your eighth night of dream recording, using your participant ID# again as your identifier.

Thank you for participating in the study! We will contact you again for a post-study interview in the near future. We will also contact you once the results have been analyzed, and again six months from the end of the study so you can take the two assessments again.