Other Services of Dr. Sparrow's DreamStar Counseling and Supervision Services

Obtaining Supervision from Dr. Sparrow

As a Board certified LPC Supervisor, I currently provide supervision for Texas LPC-Associates, who are working toward licensure. Please call 956-309-3730 if you are interested in obtaining supervision under me.

Counseling with LPC-Associates

Some my supervisees, who are LPC-Associates (not fully licensed as an LPC and accruing supervised counseling experience required for their LPC) are able to see clients under my practice. If you are interested in working with one of our LPC-Associates (via Zoom only), please let us know. The cost is $40 per session, payable through the payment button on the Fees and Prepayments page.

DreamStar Free Online Counseling (DFOC)

If you or someone you know cannot afford counseling with Dr. Sparrow, or one of our LPC-Associates, he also supervises a group of UTRGV student counselors under DreamStar Free Online Counseling (DFOC). Dr. Sparrow has a memorandum of agreement with UTRGV to provide supervision to their Internship students, and at any given time is supervising from 12-20 student counselors who are accruing their counseling hours as part of the Counseling masters degree at UTRGV. There is no required charge for these services. See www.onlinecounselinggroups.net if you are interested in DFOC counseling services.