Sharon Mata, M.A., L.P.C.-Associate
Supervised by Gregory Sparrow, EdD, LPC-S

The path to mental health is not easy or linear, to the contrary it can be bumpy and confrontive. I decided to pursue my career as a Counselor to help other people take on the adventure to walk this path. I, myself, have been one to take on the challenge, and having someone accompany you throughout it, makes a huge difference.

Sharon Mata

A little bit about my professional/educational background: I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate being currently supervised by Dr. Gregory Sparrow. I am also a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. I have a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Texas A & M International University and as part of my academic training, I obtained a certification as a bilingual counselor in English and Spanish.  Personas que solo hablen espanol son completamente bienvenidas!

I have experience working with couples, families, adults, and adolescents, as well as groups. Your story, pain and struggles are unique to you and who you are. Therefore, I do not believe therapy is a one-size fits all.  I consider myself to be an eclectic counselor, which means that I accommodate my treatment approaches to fit my clients rather than follow just one approach.  Understanding what and why will be the first step to make long-lasting and impacting changes in your life, according to your goals and level of readiness.

I am ready to meet you where you are on this journey.