For your safety, we are taking proactive measures to conform with best practices recommended by health experts…

Video Sessions: For now, we are doing videoconferencing unless you have been fully vaccinated. Even if you have been vaccinated, we encourage everyone to use Zoom until the pandemic is clearly under control.

We Zoom for our online sessions. FYI, Zoom is a secure platform, and is fully HIPAA-compliant. The link to the Zoom meeting is below, but it is included in all of your calendar notifications, too:

This is the unique Zoom link associated with Dr. Sparrow’s practice account that we always use. Please bookmark the link for future sessions.

Feel free to click on the link a few minutes before your appointment. You will be kept in the waiting room until Dr. Sparrow is ready. If he does not admit you at the appointment time, please wait until he does. If he runs late, it's never more than a couple of minutes.

Prior to your first appointment, if you haven't ever used Zoom, please go to and download the software for your device. If you don't download the software beforehand. Zoom will do it all for you once you click on the meeting link, but we might lose a few minutes of the first session while the software is installed. So if you want to have a full hour, please download the software ahead of time.

You can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. It’s best to be in a quiet, private space, and to keep your device propped on a stable surface. To insure your privacy and safety, please do not conduct your session in a public place, nor in a moving vehicle.

Office Appointments: As stated, we have resumed office appointments for fully vaccinated people; however, Dr. Sparrow will be counseling via Zoom whenever he's at his vacation home in the Catskills.

Prepayment Option: We have created PayPal prepayment links on our Fees and Payments page for all of our clients, not just those using our Zoom video option. We prefer if you prepay for your appointment, even if you intend to have an in-office appointment, because it saves valuable counseling time.