Payments for Services
Provided by Dr. Sparrow and Associates

Prepayment for all online sessions is required. Thank you.
After you complete our New Client Intake Survey, our Practice Manager Julie will contact you and discuss your interests in receiving services from DCS. Depending on who provides services, you will be charged for services according to the following guidelines:

Our practice consists of Dr. Sparrow (Gregory Sparrow, EdD, LPC-S), four fully licensed LPCs, and several LPC-Associates. Our LPC-As are under the supervision of Dr. Sparrow until fully licensed as LPCs.

Payment For Private Pay Clients:

  • Dr. Sparrow charges $140 an hourly session for his services. ($125 prior to 9/1/22)
  • Our fully licensed LPCs charge $125 a session ($100 prior to 10/1/22).
  • We charge $80 per session for telehealth services rendered by our LPC-Associates. Dr. Sparrow and his LPC-Associates work as a team, and often staff cases together.

If by chance, we have offered you a need-based discount, please pay that amount, instead. Please contact Julie at 956-309-3730 or before you pay the first time.

Private pay fees for sessions with Dr. Sparrow or LPCs
Payment for LPC-Associate's Counseling Services

For Insurance Clients:

If you have insurance, we must first determine if we work with your insurance company. That’s why it’s necessary for you to fill out our
New Client Intake Survey before booking.

Once we have confirmed that we work with your insurance, and have determined your copayment amount, you can
prepay your copayment via PayPal below.

  • If you are coming to the office, you can pay via check or cash when you arrive.
  • If you are paying via credit card, you will need to prepay through PayPal below.

Once you have learned of the exact copayment or cash fee amount that you owe, you can pay via PayPal below by entering the name of the service, such as "Therapy with (name of counselor)." Then enter the amount due.

Missed Appointment Fees:

If you miss an appointment without providing 24-hour prior notice, we require a payment of $80 (or your counselor's full fee, whichever is less) for any missed appointments.
Missed Appointment Fee